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SortViz is a multiple criteria spatial decision support system designed to support decision makers

SortViz software

SortViz is a ESRI inc. ArcGIS Desktop Add-in developed by UAB "Demolit". SortViz is an interactive, multiple criteria spatial decision support system designed to support a user or a group of users in achieving a higher effectiveness in evaluation of alternative options and decision making.

SortViz can be used to find the economic and economical solutions in: public and private administration, law, finance and investment, human resources, supply and production, procurement and sales, research and other domains.

The main role of SortViz is to deal with the difficulties that human decision-makers have encountered in handling large pieces of complex information in a consistent way. SortViz calculates the priority values (SAW and TOPSIS) for each available alternative option characterized by multiple and even conflicting attributes.


Using a SortViz as a DSS (Decision Support System) within GIS (Geographic Information System) environment organisations can quickly and accurately execute enterprise decisions. Using SortViz users can find the best solutions and relate them to the exact location without leaving mapping environment. This tight integration of multiple criteria decision making and geographic information systems gives your personnel the unique knowledge they need to make the right decision at the right time with a single click.


SortViz 1.2 for ArcGIS Desktop 10.x software

Demo data

Demo data SortViz 1.2 for ArcGIS Desktop 10.x

User manual

SortViz 1.2 for ArcGIS Desktop 10.x documentation

Pricing Plan

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Personal licence


  • For natural and legal bodies
  • For commercial and non-commercial use
  • 1 year technical support included in the price
  • Consultancy hourly rate 91 €/1h
  • 1 day training price 763 €/per person
  • Single computer with ArcGIS Desktop
  • 1 year technical support price 745 €

Academic licence


  • For legal bodies with academic status
  • For non-commercial use only
  • Obligatory to buy 1 year technical support
  • Consultancy hourly rate 63 €/1h
  • 1 day training price 483 €/per person
  • All computers with ArcGIS Desktop
  • 1 year technical support price 7450 €

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Contact us to order SortViz 1.2 for ArcGIS 10.x software license. After the license fee is payed we will contact you and provide software registration support.


We have gained experience providing hands-on training for the clients on how to make decisions using their own tabular and spatial data. We can help to find economic and economical solutions that fit the clients objectives the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can download the SortViz software directly from this web site, but to use it you have to buy the license. After payment is approved you should register SortViz software as it is described in the software manual. Alternativelly you can contact us and we guide you through the licensing and registration process.
Such issues as as bug fixes and/or provision of workarounds are subject to technical support. Technical support cover new software versions and also include registration of the software. Technical support do not cover the questions related with use of the software.
Technical support also include registration of the software for 1 year after acquisition of the license. In case user is not covered by valid technical support then renewal of technical support is not possible.
Academic licenses are issued for academic institutions only. Academic license may be used exclusively for non-commercial purposes and is only available for lecturers, teachers, pupils, students or trainers. Proof of institution's academic status, can be a letter from the educational institution certifying that institution is accredited (by certification body) for formal and/or informal education. Please send your proof of academic status to
Consulting services include business consultations such as characterisation and evaluation of alternative options. Consultations include: input data structuration, definition of ranking scenarios, conversion of ranking scenarios into objective functions, definition of subjective and objective criteria importance, ranking and interpretation of results. We use 3rd party open data together with data provided by our clients. Consulting services do not inlcude sofwtare training.
Training services include instructions on how to use the SortViz software. Trainings help to understand optimisation techniques and their role in spatial decision support systems together with the benefits they bring to solution makers. Training do not inlclude standadard ESRI inc. ArcGIS Dekstop trainings. Training course (Working with multi criteria spatial decision support system SortViz within ArcGIS environment) are discribed in the list of training courses
Prices provided for online training and consulting services only. Prices do not inlcude travel and accomodation costs in case training and consulting services are organised not online (in-situ).