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Experienced in GIS and IT consulting we have been providing technology driven services since 2011. Our business consultancy is specialized in, but not limited to high-quality enterprise GIS solutions and software development. We are also active in training covering a wide range of GIS tools and support services.

Our solutions and services are used by business analysts, architects, designers, developers, testers and project managers - almost everyone involved in a GIS development project. We have experience in professional GIS development both for public organizations and private businesses.

Our verified competence in requirement analysis (comprising legal aspects), data structuration, standardisation of geographic information and the implementation of the EU INSPIRE Directive enable us to perform high quality work, organise trainings and awareness raising events. We deliver to our clients detailed guidance of software requirement management, GIS system architecture, database modelling, interoperability solutions, user interface, system and software deployment, configuration, and testing.

Our services are completed with customer support, on-site trainings and consultations to build GIS capacities in public and governmental sectors. We are also specialised in developing and applying multi-criteria spatial decision support systems.

Our major goal is to assist our customers to effectively manage enterprise-wide processes and enable spatially aware decision making. We apply our global UML and GIS expertise keeping in view the local perspective.

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